B’Yeah, Bangladesh

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Key Facts

  • Unemployment is high as there are over a million new people looking for jobs every year. Children as young as 10 enter the job market in large numbers because of poverty.
  • There is a lack of support for those who wish to start their own businesses.
  • In B’Yeah’s first year, the organisation provided loans to 2 young entrepreneurs and are expecting to support a further 8 in early 2010.

B’Yeah’s Response

Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Help Centre (B’Yeah) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2007 to serve the youth population in Bangladesh. The Centre supports those who want to become entrepreneurs, transforming  making job seekers into job creators. Its mission is to build a society which values and celebrates socially responsible entrepreneurs. B’Yeah believes that entrepreneurs need to become leaders and role models demonstrated by the way they run their businesses and contribute to their communities.

B’Yeah focuses on business training, organising loans, providing mentors and full access to the organisation’s local, national and international business support networks. B’Yeah works in partnership with organisations in Dhaka that have extensive experience of working with youth.

Our Support

  • In partnership with Youth Business International and Loomba Trust, The British Asian Trust’s funds enabled B’Yeah to organise workshops which have reached out to 150 potential entrepreneurs and 15 potential mentors. The British Asian Trust’s funds have also allowed B’Yeah to support 10 entrepreneurs; and make substantial developments in the programmes it provides to young entrepreneurs.
  • Find out more on Youth Business International website.
  • The British Asian Trust’s support at the early stage of B’Yeah’s development contributed to creating a dynamic and evolving new organisation serving young entrepreneurs.
    Read more in the Trust’s Final Evaluation Report here.