Developments in Literacy, Pakistan

Developments in Literacy

Key Facts

  • 6.8 million children don’t attend school in Pakistan.
  • Only 36% of girls aged 10 and over from rural areas have received an education.
  • Currently over 15,000 students, primarily girls, are enrolled in 149 DIL-supported primary and secondary schools across the country.

DIL’s Response

Developments in Literacy was established in 1997 by Pakistani expatriates in the US to improve the state of education for disadvantaged girls in Pakistan’s underdeveloped, mainly rural areas. DIL primarily works in partnership with other non-governmental organisations to establish and support schools in rural areas.At each of its schools, DIL focuses on infrastructural needs, teacher development, curriculum development, access to technology for students and establishment of libraries. Based on best practices used throughout the world, standard government curriculum is complemented with material developed by DIL’s team. The organisation’s Teacher Development Centre designs and conducts training sessions catering to the needs of the rural teachers. Students are charged nominal fees and where needed, scholarships are given to deserving students.DIL’s project teams work towards developing an effective local model by supporting community members to develop their management skills. DIL’s input is slowly reduced as local level management is capacitated. When it is assessed that a threshold level has been achieved and further input from DIL is not needed, the school is handed over to the community or the government.

Our Support

The British Asian Trust’s funding will enable DIL to upgrade the quality of education being provided by improving the standard of training for over 600 rural teachers and capacity building of its staff members.

Charity News & Events

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