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Key Facts

  • The worst floods in living history hit Pakistan in July 2010 affecting nearly 20 million people, destroying 1.7 million homes and damaging essential infrastructure. September 2011 saw the onslaught of more devastating floods.
  • The floods have severely thwarted Pakistan’s development prospects in a country already gripped with socio-economic problems.
  • Though the world’s media has moved on, the humanitarian crisis continues and support for the long-term recovery of Pakistan is vital.

The Pakistan Recovery Fund Response

The Pakistan Recovery Fund supports the recovery of communities in flood-affected regions in four key areas: homes, education, livelihoods and health. The Fund seeks long-term, practical solutions that will transform the lives of flood victims, foster economic prosperity in the country and lead to sustainable approaches for averting similar disasters.

Education, health, livelihoods and homes were severely destroyed and disrupted during the 2010 floods which destroyed 1.7 million homes and affected nearly 210 million people, being the worst flood to hit Pakistan in its history sparking a massive humanitarian response. The Pakistan Recovery Fund seeks to support the recovery of communities in flood-affected areas by building homes, re-establishing education, reviving livelihoods and restoring human health.

International Health Partners (IHP)
is dedicated to providing quality, donated medicines and medical supplies for distribution in the developing world. IHP is establishing maternal and child health centres in the Punjab region that will transform the lives of 12,000 children and 500 women every year, and will provide £4 million worth of quality essential medicines to treat more than 100,000 children and adults. It has been the largest international donor of medicines to Pakistan for the last six years, working in Partnership with the Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation, The Pakistan Pharmacists Association and others.

The Hashoo Foundation, founded in 1988 focuses on human development and poverty alleviation, through economic development, educational and capacity building programmes in Pakistan, with offices in Pakistan, the UK and USA. The Foundation also provides care and support services to less-privileged and vulnerable members of society. In xxxx it is focusing on community empowerment through livelihoods development,

Relief International (RI) is a humanitarian non-profit agency which provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance and programme services to vulnerable communities worldwide. In Pakistan, RI has operated successful livelihoods programmes ranging from cash-for-work activities to microenterprise grants. Re – stocking livestock, revitalising agriculture and refreshing enterprises in Punjab flood-affected districts to reconstruct and develop livelihoods.

The Aga Khan Development Network is a group of development agencies with mandates that include the environment, health, education, architecture, culture, microfinance, rural development, disaster reduction, the promotion of private-sector enterprise and the revitalisation of historic cities. The flood response project is implemented by the Aga Khan Planning and Building Services which has been carrying out community housing and infrastructure-related projects in the Sindh region since 1990. It aims to build permanent housing for 53 families who lost their homes in the 2010 floods. Using the concept of ‘build back better’ the houses will be disaster resistant, durable and environment-friendly. Training in these areas will benefit local craftspeople and community members.

Our Support

The British Asian Trust is managing The Prince of Wales’s Pakistan Recovery Fund. With key expertise in the management and disbursements of grants in South Asia, the Trust will select effective delivery partners, high impact projects and tightly-managed programmes to ensure that donations make the greatest difference. Through matched funding from partner organisations, we aim to double the impact of every donation. The Trust brings a strong emphasis on transparency, quality control and impact measurement to The Pakistan Recovery Fund. We are working in partnership with Knighton White, a philanthropy enterprise leading on the campaign.

Charity News & Events


The British Asian Trust participated in the Pakistan Floods Briefing hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales at Clarence House. Watch a summary of the briefing here. Relief efforts by Trust charity partners in Pakistan reached more than 141,000 flood victims. Read more here.

International Leadership Team

The International Leadership team is made up of key individuals, charitable foundations and corporate partners who have generously taken leadership roles in developing, promoting and supporting the Pakistan Recovery Fund. International in location and outlook, the team demonstrates the global concern for – and commitment to – the people of Pakistan. The Pakistan Recovery Fund is a collaborative effort by those who have answered the Prince of Wales’s call to action:

  • James Caan, James Caan Foundation, London
  • Sarah Hashwani, Hashoo Foundation, Dubai
  • Naguib Kheraj, London
  • Hitan Mehta, Executive Director, The British Asian Trust, London
  • John O’Brien, Leadership Team Chairman & Senior Partner at Knighton White, London
  • Haroon Sana, Deutsche Bank, London
  • Anne Tullis, Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi
  • Raad Salman, Help the Needy, London
  • Waqar Malik, ICI Pakistan, Pakistan
  • Zameer Choudrey, Bestway Foundation, London
  • Sabir Nawab, Shabir Nawab & Co Accountants, Birmingham
  • Akbar Sheikh, COSARAF Charitable Foundation, London
  • Ian James Donald, Nestle Pakistan Ltd, Pakistan