Peace of Mind

There is a growing mental health crisis in Pakistan. Almost 90% of people in need of treatment have no access to any kind of support. Without appropriate support, mental health conditions can significantly worsen a person’s wellbeing and their ability to maintain relationships, forcing them to become isolated and alone. Mental health issues can lead to alcohol and drug dependency, hospitalisation, severe depression and even suicide, among other things.

Abuse, trauma, neglect, loneliness, poverty, and stress, now exacerbated by COVID-19, are just a few of the factors that can cause mental health problems. Children as young as three years old can develop depression, which if not treated can impact the rest of their lives. Similarly, depression, anxiety or stress, untreated in adults can grossly affect their lives and relationships.

Widespread stigma associated with the issue is reflected in a severe lack of accessible services in Pakistan, where almost 90% of people in need of treatment have no access to any kind of support. Our mental health work in Pakistan has been providing awareness and support to tackle this problem. 

Bangladesh faces a similar dilemma. Suicide is the leading cause of death among Bangladeshi adolescents, yet most Bangladeshis have no access to mental health services, and they encounter stigma and social exclusion. Read more about our work in Bangladesh to develop community-based services available to all.


Donate now to give Peace of Mind

  • £10 will give five people access to support from a mental health professional for a month 
  • £60 will train a lay counsellor to provide basic primary level mental health support within their community 
  • £250 will train a teacher in basic skills to identify, manage and refer children in their class who are struggling with their mental health to ensure no child is missed 
  • £1,000 will help a child suffering from addiction to move off the streets, providing five months care, counselling and support  

Asiya's depression spiralled out of control after the accidental drowning of her baby boy, till she was finally provided the mental health support that she desperately needed.

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