Bangladesh’s once bustling city streets now lie empty and silent because of the coronavirus lockdown. 

But empty streets mean empty stomachs.  
Your donations and your Zakat can ensure no family in Bangladesh goes hungry. 

No jobs and no food 

The lockdown to battle coronavirus is having a devastating impact on the poorest families. With nearly 80% of the total workforce in Bangladesh in the informal sector, the lockdown means that there is no work available to those who rely on day-to-day employment. 

No work means no money. No money means no food for the poorest in society.  

"The cold storage where I used to work closed 10 days ago. I still went there yesterday hoping that I could get some work.

The manager took pity on me when I said I had been fasting with my five daughters for the last few days and gave me a few potatoes.

My father-in-law received some rice last night from begging which I cooked for dinner. My daughters have been crying since morning for food so now I am boiling the potatoes.

That is all the food we have got."

Nila, a participant of BRAC’s ultra-poor graduation programme in Rangpur, speaking to a BRAC staff member when receiving BRAC’s cash support.  

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Let’s get support to those who need it most right now 

Together with our long-term partner BRAC, we are providing emergency funds to help low-income families in urban slums, semi-urban and hard to reach areas whose livelihoods have been impacted due to pandemic. 
But this is only possible if you can make your donation or donate your Zakat today. 
The BRAC project is eligible for Zakat. 

Donate now.

Choose the difference you want to make:

£33 can help one family survive over the next three months.

£100 can provide food and critical supplies for a family of four over the next three months.

£1,000 can help 40 people receive emergency funds for food and essentials right now.

£5,000 can ensure 50 families are supported with life-saving essentials over the next three months.

The generosity of the UK Bangladeshi community can prevent what is a crisis in Bangladesh from becoming a catastrophe.  

Please, give generously to ensure families in Bangladesh do not go hungry. 

Donate now.