Will you and your family grant food and safety to a family back in India? 

Your donation will provide a family escaping the city enough food and medicine for the next three months, giving them the strength and support they need to restart their lives again. 

A long walk for survival 

Over 400 million daily workers in India have seen their livelihoods vanish overnight. With no form of income and no savings, they and their families now face a daily fight for survival. 

This unprecedented crisis has led to millions fleeing the big cities of Delhi, Mumbai and many others across India, as they return to the relative safety of their villages.  

Most travel on foot, carrying children not yet old enough to walk and elderly relatives too frail to make such a long journey.  

Donate now.

“What will happen if we stay here? We’ll die of hunger. So we will walk home.”

Dilip, migrant worker in Gurgaon . 

There is hope; Working with our trusted partners 

We have partnered with a group of the most impactful organisations in India, who are primed and ready to help the most vulnerable families in need. All they need is your donation.  

Our trusted partners include:

  • Goonj- one of the largest and most respected disaster relief organisations in India, with operations and logistics hubs across the entire country.
  • Childline- works to rescue children in distress, through the Government of India system and operates all across India with a network of over 10,000 child care professionals on standby for on-the-ground interventions. They have handled 600,000 calls and rescued more than 18,000 children during one month of the Covid19 lockdown.
  • Jan Sahas- a trusted organisation operating at significant scale and working directly with migrant workers. They have an understanding of the key issues and most effective interventions.  

Choose the difference you want to make 

£100 can provide one family with an emergency relief kit containing packed food and medicines to last three months. 

£500 can support emergency relief supply kits for 30 people for 3 months including packed food, medicines and emergency medical treatment. 

£1,100 can pay for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a team of 10 frontline responders.

£5,000 can enable equip 300 people with the support they need to rebuild their livelihoods.

£10,000 can provide 180 emergency responders with hazard pay for the next 3 months, so they can continue reaching the most vulnerable.

Donate now.

The generosity of the British Asian community here can help prevent what was a crisis from becoming a catastrophe back in India.

But this will only happen with each one of us stepping forward and making a donation to those who need it right now. 

Donate now.

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