In Southern Punjab, one of the regions covered by our programme, women’s participation in the job market is as low as 6.1%. 

Low-income women in India have little access to, or control of, resources, services, assets, knowledge and markets, and are therefore often acutely affected by poverty 



We are supporting marginalised urban and rural women to build resilience against poverty. They are gaining economic empowerment through increased access to finance, learning about financial management, and seeking control oresources and assets.  

The programme has so far: 

  • helped more than 9,000 women increase their income 
  • increased control over resources and decision making in the households of 7000 women 
  • successfully placed more than 2,500 women in paid internships, apprenticeships, jobs and self-employment 
  • given more than 6,000 women access to financial services, as a result of training and support

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