Your support today will help a family have food tomorrow.  

With your donations and your Zakat we can help the poor and needy in Pakistan. 

The poorest are hit hardest; Pakistan is expecting up to 18.5 million layoffs from those employed in different sectors of the economy in the aftermath of the shutdown. 

This global pandemic is not a great leveller that affects everyone equally. It is the poorest in society who are hit hardest, and this couldn’t be more true than for those in the cities and villages of Pakistan. 

Just as many people were making ends-meet, COVID-19 swept the nation. Livelihoods were devastated overnight and families who had very little now have nothing at all, not even their next meal.  

But you can change this with your donation and your Zakat

“For many, it is not the fear that the virus will kill them, but that they will die of hunger first.”

Imran Khan, Prime Minister, Pakistan.

We are working with three of Pakistan’s most respected organisations: 

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation– focusing on support for female microentrepreneurs who have seen their income vanish overnight. (Kaarvan project is eligible for Zakat). 

Akhuwat - providing ration packs to those who have lost their income or have been diagnosed with the virus. Akhuwat are also providing emergency equipment to hospitals who need it most. (Akhuwat project is eligible for Zakat). 

Indus Health Network - serves the under-served population with free of charge, indiscriminate and quality treatment. 

Immediate help 

Together with our partners on the ground, we can ensure your donations and your Zakat reaches the poor and needy immediately. 

Through mobile phone payment technology, families will be sent money instantly to help them purchase food to feed their family and medicine to keep them safe and well. 

Not only does this method rapidly get funding to where it’s needed most, it also respects social distancing measures compared to other forms of aid relief. This helps prevent the spread of the virus. 

Donate now.

Choose the difference you want to make:

£43 can pay for one person who has been hospitalised to be tested for COVID-19, so that they can receive the right treatment they urgently need. 

£211 can provide 10 families with a cash transfer to help them survive the next month  

£840 can ensure one person in intensive care receives ventilation for seven days 

£8,721 can help equip one hospital with an emergency response kit of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including face masks, gownsgloves and sanitiser products.  

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“Don’t get lost in your own struggles that you lose sight of the need outside.”

Shabana Kanwal, Multani Entrepreneur from our Women's Economic Empowerment project.

Your donations and your Zakat will help the poor and needy in Pakistan whose lives have been devastated by COVID-19. Please give right now so that we can provide urgent support straightaway.

Donate now.