Sanaa Ahmad


Sanaa joined the Trust in 2018, as Mental Health Manager, Pakistan. A Psychotherapist by profession, she was previously working with victims of addiction, as well as abuse and trauma. She managed Pukaar, a council funded organisation in Hillingdon that aimed to provide culturally-sensitive counselling to victims of abuse and trauma, with a focus on ethnic minorities in the UK. Sanaa was also part of the Ascent Project for VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls Network).

Originally from Pakistan, Sanaa has lived in Dubai and London for most of her life, and has returned to Pakistan to help develop the Mental Health programme. Being the only team member who is on the field in Pakistan, she also supports the British Asian Trust with its other projects based there.

Sanaa completed her BSc in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal and her MSc in Psychological Therapies from Barts (Queen Mary University of London).