Our focus areas

100,000 children are reported as going missing in India every year with unofficial numbers likely to be far higher. Many are trafficked into sex work and forced labour, experiencing violence, abuse and exploitation.

Poor quality education
Despite an increased enrolment rate of 96.7% among 6-14 year olds, by the age of 11, less than 50% of children can read to the level expected of an eight year old.

A lack of jobs
An estimated 10-12 million people enter the workforce each year, along with 7-8 million workers who are moving out of agriculture. Yet, in 2017, only an estimated 7 million jobs were created.

Woman sewing in factory, India

What we are doing

  • Education

    To address the scale of the challenges in India, we are bringing fresh thinking to how projects are funded. We have launched an ambitious $11m Development Impact Bond to improve quality of learning for hundreds of thousands of children.

    Young girl at whiteboard, India
  • Anti-trafficking

    We have launched a multi-stakeholder programme to transform Jaipur into a child labour free city. This is a collaborative project with business, government and civil society, enabling the removal of child labour from supply chains and encouraging Child Labour Free products in international markets.

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