Working in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai, we will directly improve the lives of 100,000 adolescent girls and reach a further 500,000.  

We will enable girls to access information, skills and opportunities - improving their understanding of equality, supporting their employability, and informing them about support for good health. 


Philip Jansen, Chief Executive, BT Group
"The world of work has changed enormously during the 30 years BT has been in India. We recognise that digital technologies have the potential to transform opportunities for this and future generations of girls. We’re delighted to be partnering with the British Asian Trust.”
Girl at laptop, India


About 10% of India’s population are adolescent girls. India has the highest rate of teen pregnancy globally and 18% of girls drop out before the end of secondary school.  Lack of opportunities mean that girls have little control over their own futures. 


The programme aims to empower girls through information and skills-building in various areas:  

  • creating a foundation for life-long learning 
  • increasing employability
  • developing confidence in decision making about personal health
  • improving understanding of the rights of women and girls within communities. 

This programme is strengthened by employee volunteering opportunities for the team of 10,500 BT staff based in India – including help with communications, mentoring and workshops, IT development of open source material and school ‘adoption’ fundraising.  

BT's Muslim network 

We also have a three-year partnership with the BT organisation's Muslim network. The network chose to support not only the Empowerment of Adolescent Girls' education, health and economic empowerment projects but also our mental health work. We have been able to provide speakers for BT's webinars and webcasts to launch the programme and have activities planned for this year to engage network members through challenge events, regular podcasts and knowledge-sharing live calls.   


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    A partnership to change lives; British Asian Trust and BT

    A Partnership To Change Lives; British Asian Trust And BT