Our focus areas

Rohingya refugee crisis
Bangladesh is providing protection to around a million Rohingya refugees and hosts the largest refugee camp in the world. Meeting the humanitarian needs and dignity of refugees and host communities is a huge development challenge.

Mental health emergency
Suicide is the leading cause of death among Bangladeshi adolescents. Girls, especially those in rural communities, are particularly vulnerable. Most Bangladeshis have no access to mental health services and they encounter stigma and social exclusion.

Girls Sit Together at session, Rohingya refugees

What we are doing

  • Rohingya

    We are supporting thousands of Rohingya children living in Bangladesh’s refugee camps. Our support provides informal education and vital opportunities for learning and play in safe spaces.

    Children playing with building blocks, Bangladesh
  • Mental health

    We are building partnerships with leading Bangladeshi mental health organisations to develop community-based services for young people. We are planning to use public health campaigns to help people avoid mental health problems, encourage those in need to seek support, and to tackle stigma.

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