Our focus areas

Leaving no-one behind

Despite successful economic progress in some areas, some of the most vulnerable individuals include Sri Lanka’s 1.6 million disabled people, who are routinely excluded from the country’s economic and social development. Without equitable access to education, healthcare and jobs, disabled people are trapped in a cycle of poverty and are prevented from realising their full potential. 

children in a circle at workshop in Sri Lanka

What we are doing

  • Disability rights and inclusion

    Since 2014, working across six provinces – including Northern and Eastern Provinces – we have supported seven local NGOs to address the challenges faced by disabled people and children.

    Our Disability Programme In Sri Lanka
  • We have helped thousands of disabled children and adults to receive quality education, acquire and use reliable assistive devices, access healthcare and rehabilitation services, and participate in vocational and entrepreneurial training to help them towards financial self-sufficiency.

    Our Disability Programme In Sri Lanka