Since we launched our Oxygen For India Appeal just last week, over 2.5 million people have been newly diagnosed with COVID-19. Daily cases have surpassed 400,000 for the first time – another new global record. 

Before this is over, sadly, many more people will die and suffer unless we can get oxygen and other emergency support to them.  

Our job is not done, and whilst the news headlines may move on to other matters, we will continue to be there for the people of India. 

Read more about the Oxygen For India Appeal.

Empowering Women in South Asia

We are supporting thousands of marginalised women to build resilience against poverty. With our support they are gaining economic empowerment through increased access to finance, learning about financial management and seeking control of resources. Our Women’s Economic Empowerment programme, supported by the UK Government, has had great results and made a real change in the lives of almost 10,000 women. Read more about our work.

WEE Kaarvan Shahbana

Pioneering innovation in international development

We believe that the problems of the world will not be solved by philanthropy and traditional development approaches alone.

We are pioneers in “social finance”, which focusses on outcomes and results and unlocks new capital to address the most urgent issues of South Asia.

Through our award-winning Social Finance Unit we have already established the world’s largest Education Development Impact Bond and are now developing a range of other innovative initiatives across the region.

We believe that social finance has the potential to fundamentally improve philanthropy and development and we are proud to be global pioneers in this exciting space.

Read the latest updates about our social finance work.