They Call Me Crazy

Knowledge and understanding of mental health issues are extremely low leading to mental health being highly stigmatised. Without the right diagnosis, treatment and support, those affected are at risk of being further marginalised, with long term implications for individuals, families and future prosperity of the country.

Our Approach

We must act now to prevent this crisis from getting worse


We want everyone experiencing mental health problems to get the support they need to lead fulfilling and independent lives. We are working to provide communities with greater access to quality care services through increased knowledge, counselling, training of health professionals and greater provision of clinical support.


The suffering experienced by millions of people because of untreated mental health problems is driving us to scale up our programme and reach even more people.


We started working on mental health in Pakistan in 2011 and have established a strong programme with some excellent local partners. Our programme aims to reach 150,000 people over five years and to touch the lives of 500,000.

Support our appeal this Ramadan and help us end the mental health crisis in Pakistan.