Give a child a ray of hope this Diwali

There are 150,000 new instances of human trafficking in South Asia every year. In India, 5.8 million people are believed to be working in forced labour. Many are children, made to work up to 15 hours at a stretch in appalling conditions. This Diwali, please help us shine light into the workshops of Jaipur to bring an end to this despicable crime.

South Asia is home to 27% of the world's poorest people. 730 million people there are surviving on less than $2.5 a day.

We work with the South Asian diaspora, as well as businesses, government, foundations and civil society, to build programmes that support vulnerable people in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The key focus areas of our work are: education, livelihoods, anti-trafficking and mental health.

Happening now

  • Embracing social finance

    Through innovative approaches to managing money, such as the use of Development Impact Bonds, we are driving a transformation in how development works.

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  • Our projects are suitable for Zakat

    We offer an organised, secure and compliant Zakat initiative. 100% of your Zakat will go directly to people in need. Find out more about how we are set up for Zakat giving.

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Royal Founding Patron

“The British Asian Trust supports projects that do not just respond to the effects of poverty and disadvantage, but actually improve situations in ways that are real and enduring.”

- HRH The Prince of Wales, Royal Founding Patron

How you can support us

We bring together donors, investors, delivery organisations and other key stakeholders to maximise the impact of our programmes.

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