Empowering girls: Neha’s story

A gendered digital divide in India prevents women and girls from accessing online and digital knowledge, skills, and financial tools. This greatly limits their employability and access to employment opportunities, leaving them with limited control over their own futures.  

In collaboration with partner BT, the British Asian Trust is working to enable girls to access information, skills, and opportunities. The primary objectives include creating a foundation for life-long learning, increasing employability, developing confidence in decision-making about personal health, and improving understanding of their rights.

Neha Parveen, a 23-year-old resident of an urban slum in Delhi, emerged as an example of resilience and determination. The eldest among six siblings, Neha recognised the need to pave the way for her younger brothers and sisters.

Amidst financial constraints and the challenges of an urban slum, Neha's commitment to her family led her our partner Katha, supported by the British Asian Trust and BT. She enrolled in Katha, recognising the necessity of digital skills for employment and future prospects.

Her journey was transformative - not only in acquiring fundamental IT skills but also in discovering a passion for robotics. Beyond the basics of Ms Word, Excel, and internet skills, Neha delved into designing, building, and programming robots to serve communities.

Neha's dedication and quick learning abilities did not go unnoticed. She secured a role as an Office Backend at Zoomtech System & Solution. Recognising her potential, Katha placed her as an IT teacher in a primary school.


Her impact was profound. Neha's classes became eagerly anticipated, creating a positive learning environment for children and earning her a promotion to another one of Katha’s primary schools. Her story underscores the transformative power of accessible education and support systems, contributing meaningfully to communities and breaking the cycle of hardship.

There are many more stories like Neha’s which prove that our work with BT is paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future for girls who need it most.