A night of giving back – Volunteers' Week

It’s Volunteers' Week this week, where we celebrate the essential support volunteers provide to charities all across the country in many different forms.

Back in March, I volunteered with the British Asian Trust. I helped out at the annual Iftar event for friends and supporters of the Trust, attended by celebrity ambassadors, partners, media and philanthropists.

The event started with speeches which I found really inspiring. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan spoke about diversity and highlighted how the British Asian Trust brought people from South Asian backgrounds, and all religions together to help fight problems across South Asia.

His Majesty The King who founded the British Asian Trust also sent a personal heartfelt letter of support. The Imam recited a beautiful prayer and everyone broke their fast together which was bonding and a special moment. It was a really great atmosphere.

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After some food, we watched a heart wrenching video highlighting the importance of the Trust’s mental health work. The video showed projects from the Mental Health programme; street children in Pakistan who had suffered from trauma and women in Bangladesh who had survived acid attacks. The film really struck a chord with everyone and made me want to help these causes and spark change. 

Then the fundraising started where guests were asked to make generous donations towards the work highlighted in the video.

My job was to spot and assist anyone looking to make a donation. I played a small part in helping raise donations for a life-changing cause.

I learnt a lot about the issues in South Asia, I got to attend a glamorous event and most importantly I helped raise money for such an important cause.

Volunteering for such an important cause was humbling. I was proud to make a difference. I would encourage anyone to get involved and volunteer to support causes they believe in. 

Olivia Walker

Volunteers' are essential to the success and sustainability of our work. They bring a wealth of skills, passion, and dedication. We are thankful to all of the volunteers who support us with their valuable time.