Mental Health: Supporting mental health in the workplace

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In 2022, building on the success of MySpace in India, the British Asian Trust, together with Primark and the SAJIDA Foundation, set up a community-based mental health programme called "Moner Kotha" in Bangladesh with the aim to support nearly four million people, the majority of whom are women working in over 4,600 garment factories.

The Moner Kotha programme was recently featured in Primark’s Sustainability and Ethics Progress Report 22/23 released in November. In the report we were delighted to see that over the last 12 months Primark has been engaging with and supporting it’s 2,500 workers across their five factories and mills in Bangladesh. They have supported their workers with training and provided access to mental health and wellbeing information.

Since the programme began, 50 para counsellors, most of them women, have been trained to provide mental health to their peers in Primark’s factories and mills and connect more serious cases to mental health professionals.

We want to thank Primark and the SAJIDA Foundation for working with us in Bangladesh to increase awareness of mental health issues in the workplace.

Read Primark’s Sustainability and Ethnics Progress Report 22/23