Why Fozia ran a marathon for the British Asian Trust

Fozia, a dedicated supporter of the British Asian Trust, took the ultimate plunge embarking on an incredible journey to run the London Marathon in support of our work in South Asia. But how did she go from being a non-runner to a marathon runner and why did she choose British Asian Trust to support (you can still donate here).

How was your London Marathon experience?
It was surreal!!! I actually can't believe I have  actually done The London Marathon in 5hrs and 21mins. A non-runner, with no race experience, I'm super proud of the achievement.

What inspired you to take part in the London Marathon?
I was a spectator last year, supporting some colleagues and I remember someone saying, "we've got an 80 year old running for the charity" ...it got me thinking...if an 80 year old can do it so can I. Have to confess, it didn't make me sign up there and then. It was a work trip to Bristol, a moment of complete madness and signed up. I thought I'd never get the ballot. When I did, I thought it's so lucky to get the ballot, so I have to do it. 

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Why did you choose the British Asian Trust to support through this marathon?
I've been a supporter of BAT over 10 years. After seeing at first hand some of the trusts work in Pakistan on visit in 2020, it made me see the real, on the ground impact the work was doing to empower women. I just felt so overwhelmed by the stories of the adversities some of these women faced and knew support needed to continue, to help further women. 

How did you stay motivated throughout the training and on the day?
I just knew I had a goal to achieve. I didn't think too much about the time I wanted. All I thought was about getting to the finish line. If I'm honest, I didn't actually stick to the "beginners" marathon training plan. Work travel, home, family and kids commitments just always took over. I just wanted my kids to see their mom achieve something, that was one of the biggest challenges I'd set myself. Also had so many friends and colleagues regularly asking how my training was going. I knew I had so many people that were rooting for me, so didn't want to let them or myself down. 

What message would you have for others who might be considering taking on a challenge for charity?
Just do it! It's absolutely electric on the day. In my training runs, before marathon, I only ever did a maximum of 10 miles, just a couple of times,  before I gave up.  Just atmosphere and supporters on the day carry you along. As a non runner, who has never ran before or even done a half marathon can do it, anyone can! 

If you’d like to support the British Asian Trust through a challenge, as an individual or as part of a team, get in touch with Maha, Philanthropy Manager, at maha.khan@britishasiantrust.org