Emergency relief: Seema's story

Just barely an adult, *Seema’s world crashed around her when after struggling with COVID-19, her father passed away in 2021. Seema’s mother had abandoned the family many years ago. Now essentially an orphan, the responsibility of taking care of her family fell on her young shoulders.  

Emotionally distraught and financially struggling, she had to make many difficult decisions, like breaking up the family and sending her younger brother to stay with their paternal grandmother.  

As part of our COVID-19 emergency response work, the British Asian Trust worked with long-term partner, Prerana, to secure the futures of children like Seema and provide for them during these difficult times. 

We provided her with immediate financial support by sponsoring their school fees and ensuring Seema and her younger brother could continue their education. We also provided them with ration support including basic food supplies and connected them to relevant social security schemes and services. 

Seema has made great progress and in April 2022, she was getting ready to interview for a part-time job! 

She said:

"I am thankful for the support, which helped my sibling and I to continue our education and has given me the hope needed to pursue my dream of becoming independent and living on my terms. I want to feel proud of myself." 

Seema is just one of thousands of children and young adults in India who lost family members during COVID-19. To date, many struggle to rebuild their lives and continue to seek emotional, educational, and financial support. 


 *Name has been changed to protect her identity.