Mental health: Rahima's story

Thirty-two Rahima is from Narsingdi in Bangladesh. Since getting married six years ago, she was emotionally and verbally abused and bullied by her mother-in law for the standard of her household work. Her husband would take sides with his mother belittling her and sometimes hitting her.  Her children were also subjected to abuse and threats from both their father and grandmother.

Rahima felt trapped and oppressed. She was suffering from low self-worth and depression and sometimes felt like ending her life.

She tried to talk to her family who told her to adjust to her problems.

Through our mental health programme, she received counselling and support from our delivery partner SAJIDA. Over time, she shared her inner feelings and learnt self-care techniques which helped her feel better.

Before receiving support, Rahima said no-one had ever asked her about her mental health. She felt many other people in the community shared similar pain and suffering and that there should be greater awareness about mental health and its importance.

She now hopes to make her daughter more resilient by teaching her the importance of mental health and sharing some of the self-care skills she has learnt.