British Asian Trust provides emergency food and medical relief in Sri Lanka

Around 1,000 household and three hospitals will be provided with emergency relief to support the ongoing impacts of the economic and humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka.

As inflation and poverty increase at a record rate, millions of people are vulnerable due to food, fuel, and medicine shortages, currency collapse and long power cuts.

The British Asian Trust is working with long-term partner Foundation of Goodness to provide much needed support with food packs for households and medicine and medical equipment for three hospitals - Kalawana Base Hospital, Jaffna Teaching Hospital, and Kandy National Hospital (Cancer unit).

Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of the British Asian Trust, said: “While the British Asian Trust is not an emergency relief organisation, we could not stand by when people needed our help the most. We will continue building our longer-term programmes in Sri Lanka to offer more robust and sustainable development solutions to create lasting impact.

“In the meantime we hope this support will alleviate some pressure and we will continue to monitor the situation closely and seek regular updates on the situation on the ground from our Sri Lanka Advisory Council members.”

Kushil Gunasekera, Founder and Chief Trustee of the Foundation of Goodness added: “We are extremely privileged to have the British Asian Trust on board who are facilitating this grant towards feeding the hungry and providing medical aid at a time when it is needed the most. We immensely value the kindness shown to alleviate the struggles and hardships encountered and applaud this magnanimous gesture. Wherever there is kindness and goodness, humanity eventuates.”

The emergency relief project builds on British Asian Trust’s previous work in Sri Lanka. Last year, the Trust extended emergency and mental health support for marginalised people impacted by COVID-19.

The Trust is also currently working with the Foundation of Goodness to support 500 women gain skills in five key vocational areas and access jobs, alongside a youth entrepreneurship project with partner Sarvodaya to provide 30 youth access to training and funding to build sustainable livelihoods.

You can find more information about our work in Sri Lanka.