HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals launches UK's first certified elephant friendly black tea with Elephant Family

On World Elephant Day HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals invites all tea drinkers to be part of a movement that protects India’s wild elephants and biodiversity. 

HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals is thrilled to announce their new Elephant Friendly Classic Black Tea, a collaboration with leading conservation charity, Elephant Family. The UK’s first Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea is sourced from the only certified organic, biodynamic, fair trade, and wildlife friendly estate in India. £1 from the sale of every tea pack will support Elephant Family’s urgent work to protect Asia’s wildlife and human rights, fight biodiversity loss, and enable coexistence between all living things.

HOUSE Of WARIS Botanicals Launches UK's First Certified Elephant Friendly Black Tea With Elephant Family

HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals invites tea drinkers to be part of a movement that protects India’s wild elephants, the indigenous communities living alongside them, and the workers that grow the tea. “We need all tea drinkers to be environmental crusaders from the comfort of their own kitchens. HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals' Certified Elephant Friendly Classic Black Tea™ is the manifestation of decades-long conservation efforts—aligning the needs of the consumer with that of the endangered elephant, the forgotten and often mistreated indigenous communities that live amongst them, the tea plantation workers, and the soil that grows the tea. This is what coexistence can look like. The little choices we make every day can have the biggest impact,” said founder Waris Ahluwalia.

“Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world and consumers can make powerful choices about which brands they buy. Approaches which support the protection of endangered Asian elephants need to be supported. Tea plantations are often resting places for wild elephants as they move through populated areas, but this can also cause conflict between elephant and human populations. Elephant friendly tea plantations prove there are alternative ways for people and animals to live together and what could be better than buying tea that supports wildlife,” Elephant Family Chief Executive Richard Hawkes said.

HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals' Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea is sourced from tea plantations that meet the highest standards for protection of elephant habitat and water resources: reducing human-elephant conflict;  reducing barriers to elephant movement between elephant habitat areas, and providing safe havens for pregnant females. The certified plantations eliminate electrocution risks to elephants from fencing and power lines, drainage ditches and other hazards that may injure elephants, and eliminate risk of poisoning of elephants by pesticides.

In South Asia millions of people live alongside some of the world’s most endangered species but there is a narrowing window in which to change the trajectory from destruction to sustainability. The Elephant Family is an international NGO which is now part of the British Asian Trust and works with pioneering conservationists to find solutions that work for both people and wildlife.

Elephant Family is a part of the British Asian Trust.