Priya's story: rescued from domestic child labour

Priya's Story Rescued From Domestic Child Labour

Every year, thousands of girls are trafficked across different states of India. Many are lured by promises of well-paying jobs in bigger cities/towns and most believe they are beginning a better life. Often, they are sold for meagre amounts for domestic help or for commercial sexual exploitation. Priya (name changed) grew up in a poverty-stricken household in a small village in Odisha. Priya was in the 7th grade when her father died and the family was plunged into deeper financial difficulties. She was forced to drop out of school and work at a construction site to help support her family. But like many children in her position, Priya was hoodwinked by a neighbour to go to Delhi in search of a better life. There she was sold to a family in the city as a domestic helper, but never received a salary. Whilst working in the kitchen one day, Priya was raped by another domestic helper. At the tender age of 15, Priya was forced to endure an absolute nightmare. But thanks to a tip-off, Priya was rescued by one of our expert partners on the ground, Childline India. She was provided with the therapy and support she needed to help her recover from her ordeal and was housed in a safe home for girls.

The police were engaged to track down all the traffickers involved in Priya’s case and all have been convicted. Today, Priya lives a new life free from abuse and exploitation.