Women's economic empowerment: Fatima's Story

Women's economic empowerment: Fatima's Story

Fatima Batool has three daughters, three sons and a world full of possibilities. She joined our partner organisation Kaarvan Crafts Foundation at a time when she was working very hard but opportunities were few and far between. Her story is one of courage and resilience, and of the drive to do something larger than life. And that is exactly what Fatima Batool has done.

Fatima had a talent for embroidery and embellishing fabrics, and sometimes found work in her local community. Through this, and the samples she left with potential clients, she built up a network of contacts. Fatima did all she could but she couldn’t see how to increase her income further. Limited, too, by others’ expectations around her role in the household and her care for her six children, it was at this point that one of her clients told her about Kaarvan. It was not long before Kaarvan offered her training in business and marketing skills.

Fatima was delighted, but she thought her family wouldn’t approve. So, at first, she didn’t tell them. She was supported throughout her course by the other women in the Kaarvan programme and subsequently she qualified.

Her dedication has paid off.

Today, Fatima produces clothing for established local supply chains. She’s in demand, and business is flourishing.

And she is always looking for ways to do better – training others and expanding the business. Previously Fatima had no formal education, but through Kaarvan Fatima has gained confidence. She has secured a safe life for her daughters and sons, so that they, too, can take ownership of their lives and make their own futures.


Our multi-million pound Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme in Pakistan is funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.