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British Asian Trust

Human trafficking is the fastest growing global crime. We must act now, locally and globally to protect the most vulnerable.

Thirty million people live in modern day slavery – more than at any other time in human history. Almost half live in India. In fact, Over 40 million children in South Asia are vulnerable to trafficking: exploited, abused, prostituted, or bonded into manual labour. Trafficking is a $32 billion industry that trades over a million children a year.


Our local partners 

Prerena & Aarambh Platform
The Freedom Fund

Other child welfare partners
Childline India Foundation
Doorstep School
Magic Bus

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My eyes wept, there was a stream of tears, but actually there was a fire inside and I was burning…the air around me had voices that told me to quieten down but my spirit didn’t want to…this was my face of shame…looked like I was only sad, but actually I was also very, very angry inside.

Fanaa, a survivor of trafficking

Future focus

Our work will not only improve the resilience of vulnerable children and provide rehabilitation for victims, but also support prevention in local communities.

Our holistic strategy tackles the short and long-term challenges associated with trafficking by continuing to invest in a multi-tiered approach to the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors. We also aim to bring this often neglected issue to the forefront of public awareness to influence attitudes.

We are significantly deepening our impact, and driving solutions to tackle what is one of the most urgent issues in India today.

We’ve committed to take action by supporting grassroots initiatives that tackle slavery and trafficking, as well as supporting survivors through rehabilitation and reintegration – giving victims of trafficking the skills, resilience and confidence they need to rebuild their lives.