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British Asian Trust

Across South Asia, 23 million children are not enrolled in schools, and across South Asia, 13.5 million children have not completed their primary education. A third of those with primary education still lack basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Two thirds of the 27 million children born each year in India will not complete a secondary education. Over 40% of them will drop out of school before finishing 8th grade and only 54% will attend secondary school.
Over five million primary aged children are out of school in Pakistan; almost 70% of them girls. More than half of pupils who have completed five years of schooling still cannot complete a basic maths sum.
The situation is worse for girls in South Asia, with only 1 in every 100 completing secondary school and 60% married before the legal age of 18.


Our local partners 

Dream a Dream
The Education Alliance (TEA)

Teachers Resource Centre (TRC)
Indus Resource Centre (IRC)

If I hadn’t run away, I would be married by now, tending goats out in the nowhere. I want to be a teacher to encourage other girls to fight for their education.

Ponri, 13

Future focus

In the coming 5 years, we aim to convene a multi-million fund for education work to ensure equal access to quality education across the region, particularly focusing on girls’ education, who are among the most marginalised communities.

Excellent in-country initiatives addressing these challenges already exist. But they face new challenges – ensuring that the children who do make it to school are really learning. We aim to bring together a collective of like-minded individuals and cross-sector partners, who understand the need to invest in high quality education and learning outcomes.