5.8 million children in India are believed to be working in forced labour.  

Our approach

We are bringing fresh thinking and innovative solutions – engaging technology and working with businesses – to remove the demand for forced labour and protect those at risk. 

Through our work  

  • over 18,000 children and young women in India, who were particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation, have been supported through resilience building and rehabilitation 
  • a child labour awareness campaign has been launched in Jaipur
  • we've engaged over 1000 businesses and business leaders to champion child labour free practices  
  • we've introduced a Child Labour Free certification for craft and other products made in Jaipur.  

Tens of thousands of children are trapped in hazardous workshops in Jaipur, producing goods including bangles, embroidery, sarees and semi-precious gems. Many of these children are forced to work for up to 15 hours a day.

Girls sat around book, India

“We are in this cause together because they are all our children. And we are all responsible in some way or another to save the children wherever they might be. If we fail to protect our children, nothing else we do in life matters.”

Bhuwan Ribhu, child labour activist, at a British Asian Trust event 2019

Child labour free Jaipur

In a new programme, supported by the John Lewis Foundation, we are working with businesses and cooperatives in Jaipur to ensure they produce and sell child labour free goods.

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