Bharat EdTech Initiative

Why this is important 

The Covid-19 pandemic led to 1.5 million school closures and adversely affected the education of 247 million children in India. This widened the existing gap in student learning, especially with the economically underprivileged unable to benefit from at-home EdTech solutions. 

Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI) is enhancing learning outcomes for first-generation digital learners by enabling children from rural and marginalised communities to access online education and use the apps in an optimum manner. 

BEI is a multi-stakeholder collaborative that aims to bridge the learning gap for students and unleash learning potential by driving effective, equitable EdTech access and adoption. By 2025, BEI aims to improve learning outcomes of one million children.   

Visit the Bharat EdTech Initiative website here. 


Project Partners: 

Bharat EdTech Initiative is working with 34 partner organisations functional across various industries like philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, and analytics. Learn about them here. 

Duration:2022 - 2025

What we are doing

  • Bharat EdTech Initiative is a collaborative of organisations including the British Asian Trust, across industries spanning social impact, EdTech, finance, and monitoring & evaluation. 
  • Since August 2021, it has made collaborative strides towards supporting the learning journeys of more than 200,000 students by enabling access to quality EdTech products and required support on-ground.  
  • The initiative is leveraging at-home learning time through proven EdTech solutions and driving engagement to shape personalised adaptive learning for school learners.

"A good EdTech product can only bring learners to an app. To sustain engagement and achieve strong learning outcomes, healthy learning routines must be built. Here’s where investing in outcomes rather than inputs comes in, helping unleash the true potential of Bharath’s EdTech sector.” 

Abha Thorat-Shah, Executive Director, Social Finance, British Asian Trust 

two young girls in school uniform, India