Bharat EdTech Initiative

Girl at laptop, India

The COVID-19 pandemic closed 1.5 million schools and adversely affected the education of 247 million children in India.

Studies suggest only one in four students have access to digital learning and almost 10 million girls in secondary school are projected to dropout post COVID-19.

The problem 

COVID-19 has widened the existing gap in student learning, especially with the economically underprivileged unable to benefit from EdTech solutions. There is a learning backlog, low attendance, and teachers are having to quickly learnt new methods of teaching.

The solution 

Enhancing learning outcomes for first-generation digital learners by enabling children from rural and marginalised communities to access online education and use the apps in an optimum manner.

About the programme

  • Leveraging at-home learning time through proven EdTech solutions
  • Driving engagement to shape personalised adaptive learning for school learners
  • Plans to provide digital access and positively impact learning outcomes for 1 million, digitally challenged students by 2025
  • 117,000 students onboarded - 46% of students are girls

Our partners

Bharat EdTech Initiative is working with 36 partner organisations functional across various industries like philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, and Monitoring & Evaluation. Our key partners include Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Sattva Consulting and Give India.

To know more about this programme, please visit the programme website.

two young girls in school uniform, India