Hajra Khan

Hajra Khan 2019

World record holder, Hajra Khan took the mantle of captaincy of Pakistan’s National Women’s Football team at the age of 20. She is the only Pakistani footballer to have been invited by and trained with German Bundesliga Clubs. Signed by SHR Football Club in Maldives, she is the only Pakistani to score more than a 100 goals in her club career. 

She is a TEDx Speaker, a UNICEF Menstrual Health Champion, Board Member of UNDP Pakistan for Youth Programs and is listed in the Malala Fund- Top 18 Game Changers amongst other accolades.

 Hajra represented Pakistan Beach Netball Team and won bronze at the South Asian Beach Games and is also a member of Pakistan’s National Basketball team. She’s the only Pakistani footballer from 25 countries to play the Guinness World Record – Lowest Altitude Football Match at the Dead Sea in Jordan last year to challenge gender inequality in sport and to promote sports development for girls and women globally, especially in marginalized country contexts.

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