Palaces on Wheels 2021

Chris Mathias

Hi all,

I am Chris Mathias, married to Clare Mathias (also on the ride) and I have three grown-up daughters. They were all off the payroll until the first lockdown - when they all returned home - each one with a boyfriend in tow. In the ensuing year, I got to know them all very well. And they taught me to cycle!  I am Indian by birth, I now live in Surrey and I am acutely aware of how lucky I am. 

I have been a trustee of the British Asian Trust from the outset, and I chair the investment committee. This gives me very real insight into the issues and the ensuing misery that our brothers and sisters face in the subcontinent. It also puts me in the enviable position of knowing that all the money that Rohit and Bobby have raised over the years, cycling many miles in the process, is money that has been wisely invested. Millions in the subcontinent are still benefitting and growing as a result.

Chris Mathias

So here I am, looking forward to cycling, the first time ever over those kinds of distances, with a great crew, and helping Rohit and Bobby do what they have done for years for the benefit of the British Asian Trust. And also, forgive me for plagiarising Rohit’s words, looking forward to providing “a long-lasting solution to lift the vulnerable out of the spiral of poverty for generations to come”. So do please help us in this mission in any way at all that you can.

All the best,


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