Palaces on Wheels 2021

Manoj Badale

Manoj Badale was born in Dhule, Maharashtra, India, but grew up in the UK, moving around various parts of North and West London, spending the last 20 years in Chiswick, with his wife (of 25 years) Katie, and their three children, Hari, Asha and Ravi .

Building technology businesses by day, all set up with his business partner Charles Mindenhall, which they manage through their venture building group, Blenheim Chalcot, he spends his evenings responding to Rohit’s WhatsApps and working for the British Asian Trust, where he has been Chairman since its inception. He is also the lead owner of the Rajasthan Royals, and is still hanging on to the glory of their one and only win in the first tournament! To divert attention from the team’s on-field performances, he recently co-authored a book on the business of sport, A New Innings.

Manoj Badale

Having watched the evolution of The Most Exotic Challenge, he committed to join the fifth year, hoping that it would never last that long. He now has to follow through and cycle 400km, but at least he has an excuse not to read or respond to Rohit’s WhatsApps. He has a bike, but prefers cricket, soccer, running and golf (actually anything) to cycling. Inspiration to join the ride has been heightened by the opportunity to visit the royal homes and palaces admission free, yes, I am a Marwari.

He has been positively overwhelmed by the country’s response to the British Asian Trust's Oxygen for India Emergency Appeal- and is super optimistic that this will be the charity’s first million pound fundraiser, at a time when so many people in the region are struggling. While the impact of COVID-19 has been tragic, the ‘second order’ impacts will be even greater. Hence, getting behind (and indeed riding behind) such an awesome team effort needs no further encouragement.

He hopes that people reading this page feel grateful that they are not on Rohit’s WhatsApp groups, feel grateful for our access to the vaccination, feel encouraged to help those less fortunate, and perhaps even feel inspired to join next year. Thank you.                                                                 

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