Palaces on Wheels 2021

Matthew Howells

Greetings! I am a deep-sea diver, helicopter pilot, self-made astronaut, and general all-round man of action.

Well, a round man at least.

I started riding three years ago – and love it – even if I’m the slightly out of breath, middle-aged man on a bike caricature. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to raise money for the British Asian Trust than getting out of breath myself with this fantastic multi-day ride.

Matthew Howells

I work in a B2B Communications Network called Mulberry Marketing Communications where I run the European side of the business. Highlights of the last 18 months include developing campaigns - 'Making business 2 business personal' – for industry leaders such as Ansell, Diversey, Unilever, NCH and TASKI.

My aim is to raise a good sum of money, meet other intrepid cyclists and hopefully shed a few kilos along the way.

Very much looking forward to the challenge.

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