Palaces on Wheels 2021

Peter Hutton

Hi, I’m Peter.

I am married with two young boys. I grew up in South Africa and have travelled extensively and witnessed the inequalities in the world. It starts with access to education; every child deserves access to education, and a chance in life to be empowered. Schools provide food, safety, and opportunity – a chance in life. Many of us have experienced home-schooling during the various lockdowns, and it has reminded me how important the school environment is to the well-being, mental health, and education of our children.

Peter Hutton

The impact of COVID-19 has magnified the disparities and inequalities in the world, and also starved charities of fundraising opportunities. Time to do something, which does not involve Zoom.

Small contributions by many can make a difference, and I feel very privileged joining Palaces on Wheels 2021, and the other about 30 riders, to make that difference. The British Asian Trust's work and track record in the five areas of Education, Livelihoods, Anti-trafficking, Mental Health and Conservation is tremendous and inspirational.

I love a challenge and even more when coupled with a good cause, multiplied by the support and inspiration from the British Asian Trust. So wish us luck and follow us on Instagram @palacesonwheels2021 as well as via the social media hashtag #BATPoW

Yours sincerely,

Peter Hutton


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