Palaces on Wheels 2021

Phil Jansen

I’ve visited India many times- and went with, my wife, Sheila for her first time four years ago on holiday. 

I have been fortunate enough to travel there extensively with work, most recently early in 2020, shortly before the pandemic struck. I was in Bangalore and visited one of the schools BT supports through our relationship with the British Asian Trust.

BT’s partnership with the British Asian Trust is focused on improving the future for adolescent girls, using technology as a way of increasing their life chances. My eldest daughter had flown out with me and stayed on, helping in the school for a short period. She and I were both incredibly moved by the people we met, and especially the girls we spoke with.


Phil Jansen

After the UK, India is BT’s biggest location, in terms of the number of people we have there. We have all been affected by the heart-breaking stories of recent months, and the BT army has really stepped up to stand by our colleagues. From working solidarity shifts to running charity auctions, the fundraising effort across the company has been tremendous.

Exercise is essential to both Sheila and me. We love cycling and try to get out on our bikes, individually or together, two or three times a week. For me it’s a chance to clear my head without asking too much of my knackered knees, and for Sheila it’s an opportunity to show how much fitter she is than I am.

The fact that The Most Exotic Challenge has relocated to the UK this year is a huge bonus for us. We’re really looking forward to taking part in Palaces on Wheels, showing support and raising funds to help lift young people out of poverty and transform lives.


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