Palaces on Wheels 2021

Sanjeev Mehan

My name is Sanjeev Mehan and I am married with four children; three lovely daughters and a son. 

I run a fashion business, which I started five years ago, after selling my previous company. I now operate several fashion brands which I sell on various online platforms like Next/ Asos etc. 

Sanjeev Mehan

My father, who is no longer with us, was a very charitable person, and he built several schools and hospitals in his home village in India. So I wanted to get involved in some kind of charity which also involved India. I was introduced to the British Asian Trust through a friend of mine. 

I am very keen on sports, and love cycling, which I do 1-2 days a week. So, when I heard about the Palaces on Wheels challenge, I was very interested in participating to enjoy the cycle journey and also help to raise money for a great cause.

I am looking forward to meeting the people in the group, and getting the chance to see some lovely palaces and castles.


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