Palaces on Wheels 2021

Satta Padham


I am Satta. I split my time between running a security business and serving the community through another charity (S.W.A.T) by feeding the homeless, providing healthcare and other various community support projects. 

I am also one of the founders of a children’s charity called Your One Wish (YOW). 

Satta Padham

When I heard about the opportunity to join the team on the Palaces on Wheels cycle ride, I immediately signed up. I had already heard about the fantastic work that the British Asian Trust does, and combining this with my passion for pedalling 400km across the beautiful English countryside, gives me the opportunity- along with friends' and family's generosity- to make a difference to those in need of our support in South Asia. 

The hardships of vulnerable people and communities has been further accentuated by the pandemic, so please support me and my fellow riders in ensuring that these communities have a future beyond poverty and abuse. 

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Together we can make a difference.

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