This Ramadan

Give your Zakat through the British Asian Trust. We enable you to fulfil your Zakat obligation with complete confidence. We take our responsibility as Zakat agents extremely seriously and administer Zakat in accordance with Islamic law.

The British Asian Trust guarantees:

  • 100% of Zakat donations will be distributed to eligible projects. The British Asian Trust does not use any of the donation to cover the costs we incur in administering Zakat, those costs are covered by other, non-Zakat funds. 100% of your Zakat donation will be sent to our projects in-country directly supporting eligible beneficiaries.
  • Zakat donations benefit only those eligible to receive it. The Holy Quran (9:60) stipulates eight eligibility criteria for those who can receive Zakat, which are: the poor; the needy; those employed to administer Zakat; those whose hearts are to be reconciled; those in slavery; those in debt; those in the way of Allah; the destitute traveller. The British Asian Trust distributes Zakat to benefit only those meeting these criteria.
  • Zakat donations are always acknowledged. We make sure that when we distribute it, the receiver is aware that it is a Zakat donation.

Your Zakat will help the British Asian Trust transform lives in South Asia. We take great care in managing your Zakat donation, conducting due diligence on the partners we work with, and providing evidence of impact through project reports and case studies.