Women's Economic Empowerment Programme Pakistan, End of Programme Report 2017 - 2020

The British Asian Trust, with financial support from the UK Government, implemented the Women’s Economic Empowerment programme in the Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan through six implementing partners and one project management partner, from July 2017 to September 2020.

The programme aimed to decrease multidimensional poverty in urban and rural households through economic empowerment and increase the resilience of women against poverty, focusing on three key outcomes: increased earnings; increased control over economic resources, physical assets and decision making at the household level and increased resilience and capacity to earn. The interventions of the programme included capacity building of women in vocational skills, job-readiness, and financial literacy; facilitating access to loans and support in developing linkages with markets, microfinance institutes and potential employers. The programme has enabled the placement of 10,425 women in formal employment or self-employment opportunities and as a result, increased the earnings of 9,848 women.

Securing a 94-101% achievement rate against the three key targets, the programme has been successful, despite being affected by rising inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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