The British Asian Trust has had the pleasure of working with Common Purpose in both the UK and South Asia. Common Purpose UK runs leadership development programmes that aim to inspire and equip people to work together across borders and boundaries, enabling them to solve complex problems in both organisations and societies.

In November I was invited to lead one of their leadership programme sessions in which I met with eight individuals from the Pakistani diaspora from across the UK and enjoyed having lively discussion and debate with them about development and community issues.

Each member present was undertaking brilliant work in their respective sectors and was interested in the British Asian Trust after learning about our work, approach and programmes in South Asia. During this conversation, I was reminded of the wealth of experience, commitment and drive in the community, which resonates with the ethos that was a crucial part of setting up the British Asian Trust 10 years ago and will be equally crucial as we navigate expanding successfully.

Among other things, we discussed challenges that the community faces in the UK as well as in Pakistan, and how the diaspora community in the UK has been working in partnership with us to tackle some of those issues head on. It was heartening not only discussing our own programmes, but also learning about the important projects other people are engaging in with the purpose of changing lives back home and in the UK.

The drive, passion and commitment that I witnessed is what drives the British Asian Trust to work with some of the most promising leaders in the sector in South Asia. We currently do and will continue supporting talented CEOs to undertake this leadership programme to help strengthen their abilities to lead their promising organisations.

Diya Mukarji - Head of Programmes

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