The British Asian Trust guarantees:

  • 100% of Zakat donations will be distributed to eligible projects. Donations are sent in-country, directly supporting eligible beneficiaries. 
  • Zakat donations will benefit only those eligible to receive it. The poor and the needy are the two categories stipulated in The Holy Quran (9:60) that benefit from the British Asian Trust's Zakat projects.
  • Zakat donations are always acknowledged. We make sure that when we distribute Zakat, the receiver is aware that it is a Zakat donation.

We take great care in managing your Zakat donation, conducting due diligence on the partners we work with, and providing evidence of impact through project reports and case studies.

Eligible Zakat projects

  • Rohingya refugees

    We provide Rohingya children living in Bangladeshi refugee camps with safe spaces to learn and play, helping them recover from traumatic experiences.

    Children playing with building blocks, Bangladesh
  • Education scholarships

    We provide some of the poorest students in Pakistan with bursaries to pay for their academic or vocational education, ensuring poverty is not a barrier to opportunity.

    three young girls at school, Pakistan
  • Seed funds

    We provide Pakistani women living in poverty with home-business starter kits – containing sewing machinery, tools and fabrics – so they can generate their own income and care for their families.

    Lady sewing in factory, Pakistan

Give your Zakat

You can give your Zakat obligation through us with confidence.