The British Asian Trust

Make a Difference

Lasting change across South Asia is only possible with the support of people like you. Your support can help give people living in poverty a hand up, and support communities to change their lives.

As a member of the Asian diaspora, I feel particularly energised by the difference that each one of us can make in strengthening grass-roots relationships between those who need help and those who are best placed to provide it. The British Asian Trust provides a highly credible, creative, empathetic and powerful such bridge.

— Salman Mahdi

The difference you can make

Lives Changed

We’ll equip you with the information you need to make a considered investment in the region, including research on areas where philanthropy can have the biggest impact, robust due diligence on grassroots partners on the ground, and full transparency and accountability for how your donation is spent.

You can choose to support a specific project or issue that you are passionate about, or allow us to use your investment where it is needed most. From transforming education, protecting children from being trafficked, to helping families to make a living and tackling disability and mental health – this is your chance to make a measurable difference.